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I am taking the millwright's test and need to know the answers. Answer: I agree, i believe you wanna know the kind of questions they will ask.

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Students will be introduced to the apprenticeship system and the millwright industry as they study ... Includes questions that test for educational requirements for the trade. ...

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What is the definition of a Millwright. There are always types of Exams and test. Both written,verbal and hands on.Millwrights of today are more diversified than ever before.

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Millwright-Test-Questions - What questions are on the millwright test? : I agree, i believe you wanna know the kind of questions they will ask.

Millwright Tests. First Period.  START. TEST. Entire First Period / All Sections. 40 Questions.

such as power transmission, safety, fluid power, some welding...

Need some questions and answers on millwright in preperation to write trade test. -- Karl Sing (, August 17, 2004.

millwright a workman who designs or erects mills and milling machinery. ?